Out to the Sea


It's finally summer and when it comes to experiencing the four seasons in the East Coast, it could be deliberately extreme. Today's pairing is a striped navy blue jacket with white jeans. The bold stripes of the inner top accentuates the overall combination.

White denim jeans are the perfect color to go with almost anything. It adds a special flair to any choice of outfit. Coats, blazers, you name it! Depending on the type of fabric, white denim jeans are easily cleaned with a dish detergent and hot water. Avoid using bleach because it may cause discoloration on the fabric. Line dry instead of washing machine for long-term use.

Photo: Olatunde Ola

jacket / Uniqlo

sunglasses / Chimi Eyewear

shirt / Banana Republic

pocket square / H&M
jeans / Banana Republic
shoes / Meermin Mallorca

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